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The authentic American meat dishes of “Smoke BBQ” in Düsseldorf have been served in custom ambience since may 2016.

Max Hoh Design was in charge of all phases from design to execution.

The interior concept takes into account the demands and charisma of this rustic niche gastronomy in the choice of materials/colors and the surface finish.

The overall concept thrives on several detailed decisions:

The lining of the room with OSB panels.

The fabrication of the doors and windows with frame elements made of black MDF.

The drawing through of the entire guest room with a black stripe bearing the motto “smoke meat everyday” and supplemented by matching pictograms.

The production of the tables from scaffolding poles and scaffolding planks.

The colors are chosen in a contrasting way: The black frame elements and lettering stand in varying degrees of visual tension. On the one hand to the light OSB panels and on the other hand to the furniture in different shades of brown.